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I am pleased to announce the formation of the Union Pacific Historical Society Endowment Fund in support of the UPHS Archive Collection at the University of Wyoming – American Heritage Center. The UPHS Board of Directors voted in September 2020 to establish this new UPHS Endowment Fund through the University of Wyoming Foundation utilizing their 501(c)(3) non-profit standing. The University of Wyoming Foundation actively manages a portfolio of over 1,500 endowment funds that jointly support a wide range of activities at both the University of Wyoming and the adjoining American Heritage Center at Laramie. The University of Wyoming Foundation has existing staff well trained to handle any tax-deductible donations, plus will also generate and provide tax documentation to all donors. Utilizing the University of Wyoming Foundation staff ensures continuity of the management and specified use of the UPHS Endowment Fund should the UPHS cease to exist.

The targeted purpose of the UPHS Endowment Fund is to permanently fund archival preservation and management activities of the current (and future additions to the) UPHS Archive Collection now at American Heritage Center, as well as support other railroad-related transportation collections at AHC. From its founding, the American Heritage Center at Laramie has prided itself on being accessible to everyone – from the elementary school students learning about primary resources, to the college students researching their thesis, to the professional historians performing primary research for writing up their findings, to a broad cross-section of the public following their passions. The UPHS Archive Collection inside AHC in late 2020 measures more than 300 cubic feet of our physical collection and includes over 100 gigabytes of preserved digital materials. The primary eventual goal is to establish consistent funding for a full-time employee inside the American Heritage Center to manage the UPHS Archive Collection along with other railroad collections held at AHC. Details of the very specific permissible uses of the UPHS Endowment Fund are available on the website.

The strength of the Union Pacific Historical Society has always been the strong involvement and support of the membership. On behalf of the UPHS Board of Directors, as President I am now asking again for your support with contributing toward growing this new UPHS Endowment Fund.

Online Donation Instructions:

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter the amount you wish to donate.
  3. Select “Single Payment,” “Multiple Payments,” or “Recurring Payments
  4. Select “View Individual UW Funds
  5. Select “Other Fund Not Listed (Please Specify)
  6. Click “Continue
  7. Enter “UPHS Fund” for the name of the fund.
  8. Enter A21UPHS for the Appeal Code
  9. Click “Next” and complete checkout

You may mail your donation for the newly-formed UPHS Endowment Fund:

View/Download Donation Form and View More Information (pdf file)

Mail To:
University of Wyoming Foundation
Attn: UPHS Endowment Fund
222 S. 22nd St.
Laramie, WY 82070

Bank routing number and wire transfer information is available should you need it.  Contact 307 766-6300 or 888 831-7795 for this information. Make checks out to “University of Wyoming Foundation” with “UPHS Endowment Fund” in memo line.

Greg Gardner, President – Union Pacific Historical Society

Wyoming PBS Broadcast

On Thursday September 13, 2019 UPHS Board Member John Cazahous will be Program Host for the showing of the video “End of Track” during Pledge Night aired on Wyoming PBS. The video concerns construction of Union Pacific across Wyoming. John will be promoting not only sponsorship of PBS but also membership in UPHS.

 Calendar Call  The UPHS is seeking photos for use in our annual calendar. The calendar is a high-quality product not for sale. Instead, it is distributed to all Sustaining and Preservation level members of UPHS before the end of the year. Here is your chance to help out the Society in one of its yearly projects. We have some fine submissions, but we could use some more.

We are looking for high-quality, clean photos of Union Pacific subjects. Action shots, roster shots, and photographs of structures are all of interest.  Black & white prints, color slides, prints and digital images are all accepted.  Color slides must be scanned at a minimum of 3000 dpi. If you are going to scan prints, please do so at a minimum of 400 dpi.  Please include a brief description of each image submitted as well as the name of the photographer. Submitted material will not be returned and is kept by the UPHS unless special arrangements are made. The photographers of the images selected for the calendar will be credited in the captions. Please submit photos for the 2022 UPHS Calendar no later than Sept. 5, 2021. You can submit images electronically to or alternatively submit them by U.S. mail to: UPHS Calendar,  Attn: Rob Leachman, 245 Estates Drive, Piedmont, CA 94611. You can send small JPEGs and then send large TIFF files later of those selected. Many thanks, Rob L.

Member’s Area


Members Area – The Member’s Area on the UPHS web site is an “online archive” of Union Pacific documents provided as a service to our members. Documents include timetables, dispatcher sheets, Form 70s, train consists, and more! Log-in information will be emailed to members twice yearly in the Second Section newsletter. If you are not already a member, please visit the Company Store to join the UPHS!

News at the Top

UPHS 2021 Mini-Convention – In lieu of a full convention this year, we held an on-line Mini-Convention 10am – 430pm Pacific time Saturday August 21, 2021. We used the Microsoft Teams software to hold the mini-convention. Attendance of the on-line Mini-Convention was free to UPHS members and $25 for non-members. The Mini-Convention included hour-long clinics on a variety of topics; the program is posted on the Convention tab.  Rob Leachman, Vice President and Chair of the Membership Committee.

Calendar Call – It is time to put together images for the 2022 UPHS calendar. The calendar is sent out with the Fall issue of The Streamliner at no extra charge to all Sustaining and Preservation members. Copies from print overruns will be put on sale in the Company Store. Good images, be they color or black and white, and be they steam, diesel or turbine, from all eras of UP history are welcome. Please submit small JPEGs for consideration to me at I will get back to you about submission of TIFF files of the selected images. Cut-off for submissions is Sept. 5 but I will have to start making selections around August 25, so please submit as early as is convenient. Rob Leachman, Vice President and Chair of the Membership Committee.

UPHS 2021 Annual Membership and Business Meeting – Because of the pandemic, we will hold the Annual Membership and Business Meeting on-line at a date to be announced. A link for attending the meeting will be posted later. The presentation slides from the UPHS 2020 Annual Membership and Business Meeting are here: UPHS Member Meeting Aug 2020. Rob Leachman, Vice President and Chair of the Membership Committee.

UPHS Archives at the American Heritage Center of the University of Wyoming – The American Heritage Center is developing a digital library of the images and diagrams in the UPHS Collection at AHC. This is a long-term, gradual process; only a fraction of our images are digitized at this point. A long-run goal is to develop an indexed, searchable digital library of small scans of our images for the benefit of our membership and others. Some of the completed small scans have been posted on-line by AHC. You can take a look at .

UPHS Office Closed – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the UPHS Office in Cheyenne is now closed to the public at least through April 17. UPHS staff are continuing to answer mails and phone calls, and we will continue to prepare shipments of items ordered from the company store. We are monitoring the situation and will post updates as needed. Our prayers and best wishes go to the membership to avoid contracting this virus.

In Memoriam – James W. “Jim” Watson passed away on May 15, 2021. Jim was one of the founders of UPHS and served as our first president. Art Lockman passed away on May 4, 2021. Beginning his career with UP in 1949, Art was a member of the UP Steam Crew from 1981 until his retirement in 1991. The Steam Crew’s tool and supply car is named “Art Lockman” in his honor.

Autumn issue of The Streamliner available now! – In this issue Rob Leachman details Union Pacific’s run-through operations with the Iowa lines and explains how these strategic partnerships eventually led to UP becoming Iowa’s largest railroad. Jeff Asay provides a brief overview of UP’s Los Angeles poultry dock and the unique cars used for shipping live chickens. Jim Griffiths concludes the issue with a personal account of a day of photography on the OSL with his father, Hank Griffiths. This issue is available now in the company store!

New Book on Camas Prairie Railroad!  – Carefully researched from railroad papers and interviews with employees, this book tells the full story of the Camas Prairie Railroad. This history presents the origins of the unique cooperation between the parent companies Union Pacific Railroad and Northern Pacific Railway, and details the many routes surveyed to the railroad’s namesake Camas Prairie and to the logging camp at Headquarters, Idaho. Includes maps of the many surveyed lines considered in Lapwai Canyon, site of the famous Halfmoon bridge. This 320-page hardbound book is complete with information on operations and equipment, maps of the full railroad and key points, and over 350 illustrations and photographs. Now available at the company store!

New book on Cheyenne facilities! – A. J. Wolff and Jim Ehernberger have prepared this fine treatise on UP facilities in Cheyenne. This book is an invaluable source of information for modelers recreating UP’s Cheyenne facilities in various eras, and it will be appreciated by UP history buffs seeking to understand UP’s Cheyenne terminal operations over the years. Hard cover, 128 pages containing more than 200 black and white and color images. Historical details are provided in each caption regarding the structures, including shops, roundhouses, servicing tracks, freight yard, stores department, depot, tower A, stockyards, etc.. The book is available now in the company store.


uphs-logoNext Convention – Our 2022 Convention will be held in Cheyenne May 11-14, 2022.

American Heritage Center – The American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming in Laramie is featured the UPHS collection on the home page of their web site in February. Go to [February 4, 2020]

Links have been updated under the Resources tab. In particular, a link has been added directing you to the Union Pacific Steam Club, where you can sign up and keep up to date with the steam program and its excursions. [February 27, 2019]