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Vol. 36 No. 1 – Winter 2022
From The Business Car (page 3)
Union Pacific’s Last Mixed Trains (page 6)
   by Michael M. Bartels and Marc A. Entze
Last of the Combines: Teton Valley Branch Mixed Train (page 20)
   by Marc A. Entze
Chasing the “Snowball Special” (page 24)
   by Jim H. Griffiths
Cab Ride on the Yoder Mixed, May 13, 1955 (page 30)
   by Art Peterson
Palouse Mixed train Memories (page 32)
   by Dean Ogle

Vol. 35 No. 4 – Autumn 2021
From The Business Car (page 4)
Union Pacific’s Run-Through Trains with the Iowa Lines (page 6)
   by Rob Leachman
Union Pacific’s Los Angeles poultry Dock (page 32)
   by Jeff Asay
The Day Motive Power Changed on the OSL (page 34)
   by Jim H. Griffiths

Vol. 35 No. 3 – Summer 2021
From The Business Car (page 4)
Operating with Cabooses (page 6)
    by Mark Amfahr
Adventures of a Branch Line Station Agent (page 30)
    by Rob Leachman

Vol. 35 No. 2 – Spring 2021
RPO (page 4)
From the Sound to the Pacific: The Grays Harbor Branch (page 8)
    by Aaron Schwarz
Fred Jukes: Pioneer of Railway Action Photography (page 32)
    by James L. Ehernberger

Vol. 35 No. 1 – Winter 2021
Mail Trains 5 and 6: The Anatomy of a Discontinuance (page 4)
    by John D. Mummert
Mail and Express Traffic Shifts to Freight Service (page 18)
    by Mark Amfahr
An Army Man’s Ride Home – In Style (page 24)
    by Jim Lueders
E-Units in Freight Service (page26)
    by Marc A. Entze and Mark Amfahr
An Evening Out With Dad (page 36)
    by Jim H. Griffiths

Vol. 34 No. 4 – Autumn 2020
History of the Dale Creek Bridge (page 6)
    by Mel Johnson
The Dale Creek Fill (page 26)
The Rocky Mountain Railroad Club and Union Pacific 844 Excursions (page 30)
    by James L. Ehernberger

Vol. 34 No. 3 – Summer 2020
Union Pacific and Milwaukee Road Operations at Plummer, Idaho (page 4)
    by David Lehlbach and Marc A. Entze
A Day at Plummer, Idaho: April 28, 1973 (page 18)
    by David Lehlbach
North Platte Turntable Erratta (page 24)
    by Mark Amfahr
Ogden Engine Servicing Facilities (page26)
    by Robert Odland
B-50-48, B-50-50, and B-50-52: Union Pacific’s Fleet of 40-foot Boxcars with Eight-Foot Doors
    by Jim B. Davis

Vol. 34 No. 2 – Spring 2020
Big Boys in Operation (page 4)
    by Mark Amfahr
Extending the Ogden Roundhouse for Big Boys (page 28)
    by Robert Odland
Cheyenne, A Railman’s Mecca (page 36)
    by James L. Ehernberger

Vol. 34 No. 1 – Winter 2020
Union Pacific’s Last Steam Rotaries: Lima-Hamilton 075 and 076 (page 4)
    by James L. Ehernberger and Marc A. Entze
075 Opens the Yellowstone Branch: The 1956 Spring Campaign (page 18)
    by James L. Ehernberger and Marc A. Entze
900076: The Last Steam Rotary (page 26)
    by James L. Ehernberger and Marc A. Entze
Camas Prairie Log Car Study (page 30)
    by Rob Leachman

Vol. 33 No. 4 – Autumn 2019
Managing Three Million Horsepower: Overseeing Union Pacific’s Fleet of Freight Locomotives (page 4)
    by Mark Amfahr
Same Numbers, Different Power (page 20)
    by James L. Ehernberger
Riverside Copy Three West: Train Order Dispatching in the 1940s Between Los Angeles and Riverside (page 22)
    by Jeff Asay
Through the Lens of Jack Wolff: Union Pacific Motive Power in 1968 (page 32)
    by A.J. Wolff and Mark Amfahr
In Memoriam: Francis Gschwind and George Cockle (page 39)

Vol. 33 No. 3 – Summer 2019
2019 Annual Convention a Big (Boy) Success (page 4)
    by Cate Kratville-Wrinn
Ore and More on the Central Corridor (page 8)
    by Rob Leachman
A 4014 Tale of Two Kratvilles . . . 61 Years Apart (page 30)
    by Cate Kratville-Wrinn

Vol. 33 No. 2 – Spring 2019
Union Pacific’s Overland Route: The First 20 Years of Operation, Part 2 (page 4)
by Mark Amfahr
Piedmont, Wyoming  (page 5)
by Robert Krieger
Richard Steinheimer’s Centennial Project: Union Pacific in 1968 (page 26)
    by Marc A. Entze

Vol. 33 No. 1 – Winter 2019
Editor’s Desk (page 4)
From the Business Car  
(page 5)
Union Pacific’s Overland Route: The First 20 Years of Operation, Part 1 (page 6)
by Mark Amfahr
Line Relocation in Eastern Wyoming: A Photo Study of Union Pacific’s Abandoned Mainline Segments (page 32)
    by Richard Koenig

Vol. 32 No. 4 – Autumn 2018
RPO (page 4)
From the Business Car  
(page 5)
Olympia Convention Highlights (page 6)
Union Pacific’s Photo Menus (page 8)
    by Randal O’Toole
Union Pacific and the Star Brass 5-Chime Whistle (page 20)
    by John E. Bush
Converting the 800s to Oil Fuel (page 32)
    by Gordon McCulloh

Vol. 32 No. 3 – Summer 2018
Editor’s Desk (page 4)
From the Business Car  
(page 5)
The Saga of the SPX-27 (page 6)
    by James L. Ehernberger and Mark Amfahr
Union Pacific’s Gibbon Cut-Off in the Modern Era: 1980 to Present (page 14)
    by Chris Faulk
Starbuck Then and Now (page 38)
    by Marc A. Entze

Vol. 32 No. 2 – Spring 2018
Editor’s Desk  (page 3)
From the Business Car  (page 3)
Milwaukee Road and Union Pacific: “Coopetition” in the Pacific Northwest (page 4)
    by Rob Leachman, Mark Borleske, and Aaron Schwarz

Vol. 32 No. 1 – Winter 2018
From the Business Car  (page 3)
The Use of Train Indicators (page 4)
by James L. Ehernberger and Mark Amfahr
Union Pacific’s Gibbon Cut-Off  in the Modern Era: 1960s and 1970s (page 14)
    by Chris Faulk

Vol. 31 No. 4 – Autumn 2017
Editor’s Desk (page 4)
From the Business Car  
(page 4)
RPO (page 5)
Union Pacific and the Development of the Soda Ash Industry, Part 2 (page 6)
by Michael Borkon
Traffic & Operations with Mark Amfahr: Soda Ash Traffic in the 1970s and 1980s (page 14)
Moving Soda Ash: Green River Operations in the 1990s (page 28)
    by Andy Kirol
Denver Convention Highlights (page 38

Vol. 31 No. 3 – Summer 2017
From the Business Car  (page 5)
From the Office  (page 5)
RPO (page 6)
Union Pacific and the Development of the Soda Ash Industry (page 8)
by Michael Borkon
Traffic & Operations with Mark Amfahr: Soda Ash Traffic in the 1950s and 1960s (page 20)
Oregon Detour Tunnel (page 32)
    by Marc A. Entze
Grade Crossing Pre-Emption (page 34)
     by Chris Faulk

Vol. 31 No. 2 – Spring 2017
Editor’s Desk 
(page 4)
From the Business Car 
(page 5)
Traffic & Operations with Mark Amfahr: Denver in the Late 1960s 
(page 6)
Denver Union Station, Wallace Abbey photo essay 
(page 24)
Out of Denver: A 1970 Fan Trip 
(page 28)
    by Rob Leachman
The City of Cheyenne: An Unconventional City Train 
(page 34)
    by James L. Ehernberger

Vol. 31 No. 1 – Winter 2017
Editor’s Desk (page 4)
From the Business Car (page 5)
RPO (page 5)
Union Pacific’s Lightweight Lunch Counter Diners (page 6)
by David Seidel
Dinner in the Diner: The Challenge of Food Service on the Union Pacific (page 18)
by Amanda Van Lanen
1967: The Summer of  . . . Ayer (page 28)
by Fred Leeson
Winter on the Union Pacific (page 34)
by Marc A. Entze

Vol.30 No.4 – Autumn 2016
Editor’s Desk (page 4)
From the Business Car (page 5)
RPO (page 5)
Traffic & Operations with Mark Amfahr: The Many Faces of Hermosa, Wyoming (page 6)
Sacramento 2016 Convention Highlights (page 22)
by Cate Kratville-Wrinn
Merging Western Pacific’s Motive Power (page 26)
by Chris Faulk
A Fireman’s Experience During the Second World War (page 32)
by David Seidel

Vol.30 No.3 – Summer 2016
From the Business Car (page 4)
RPO (page 4)
UP Rebuilds the GP38-2s (page 5)
by Chris Faulk
Unmerger to De Facto Merger: The 1923 Central Pacific Merger (page 6)
by Jeff S. Asay
Whose Railroad Is It? UP-SP and UP-WP Run-Through Train Operations (page 12)
by Rob Leachman
All Set for The West: Railroads and National Parks (page 34)
by Patricia LaBounty

Vol.30 No.2 – Spring 2016
Editor’s Desk (page 4)
From the Business Car (page 5)
RPO (page 5)
Traffic & Operations with Mark Amfahr: Bay Area Auto Shipments in the Postwar Years (page 6)
Overland Route Auto Parts: The Fast and The Arro (page 20)
by Rob Leachman

Vol.30 No.1 – Winter 2016
Editor’s Desk
 (page 4)
From the Business Car (page 5)
Traffic & Operations with Mark Amfahr: Interpreting Dispatchers’ Train Sheets (page 6)
Lillian M. Bell: Pioneer Photographer of the Camas Prairie Railroad (page 20)
by Garry and Roz Miller
Union Pacific Postcard Gallery (page 30)
My Short Career on the Union Pacific (page 32)
by Doug Auburg
Freight Car Profile: Union Pacific’s BC-70-7, BC-70-8 Boxcars (page 34)
by Jim B. Davis

Vol.29 No.4 – Autumn 2015
Editor’s Desk
 (page 3)
From the Business Car (page 4)
RPO (page 5)
Union Pacific’s Columbus Depot (page 6)
by Michael M. Bartels
‘We Can’t Save Everything’: The Challenge of Historic Preservation (page 14)
by Marc A. Entze
R-70-13 Bunk Cars (page 18)
by Marc A. Entze
Water Softeners on the Union Pacific (page 24)
by Gordon McCulloh

Vol.29 No.3 – Summer 2015
Editor’s Desk (page 4)
From the Business Car (page 5)
Traffic & Operations with Mark Amfahr: Union Pacific’s Center Sidings (page 6)
Convention Highlights: Omaha 2015 (page 18)
Steam Program Update (page 20)
by John E. Bush
The Union Pacific Railroad in 1865 (page 22)
by David A. Seidel
Union Pacific 3999: The Last Challenger? (page 32)
by A.J. Wolff
Saying Goodbye to the Columbus Depot (page 38)
by David A. Seidel
RPO (page 39)

Vol.29 No.2 – Spring 2015
Editor’s Desk  (page 4)
From the Business Car (page 5)
Traffic & Operations with Mark Amfahr: Operations of the UP and CNW in Omaha and Council Bluffs (page 6)
The Fall Rush and Union Pacific’s Motive Power Shortage (page 26)
by James L. Ehernberger
Omaha: Then and Now (page 30)
by Mark A. Bess
RPO (page 39)

Vol. 29  No. 1 – Winter 2015
Editor’s Desk  (page 4)
From the Business Car (page 5)
Traffic & Operations with Mark Amfahr: Switchtenders of the Union Pacific (page 6)
Union Pacific’s GSC Flatcars (page 16)
by Josef Brugger
North Platte’s Snow Melter (page 30)
by John E. Bush
RPO (page 39)

Vol. 28  No. 4 – Autumn 2014
RPO  (page 4)
Ogden Convention Highlights  (page 5)
In Memoriam  (page 8)
Hometown Geeps: Union Pacific’s 2000s and the Northwestern District Branch Line Empire (page 10)
by Marc A. Entze
Granger Railroading on the Condon Branch (page 18)
Photography by Wayne Depperman
Union Pacific’s Classic GP38-2s: 2000-2059 (page 20)
by Chris Faulk

Vol. 28  No. 3 – Summer 2014
Editor’s Desk  (page 4)
RPO (page 5)
Traffic & Operations  with Mark Amfahr: Ogden, Utah Traffic and Operations in the 1950s  (page 6)
The Freeport Center: The Last Bastion of Carload Railroading (page 20)
     by Rob Leachman
4014 Returns to Cheyenne (page 36)
     by Andy Kirol and James L. Ehernberger

Vol. 28  No. 2 – Spring 2014
Editor’s Desk  (page 4)
RPO (page 6)
Traffic & Operations  with Mark Amfahr: Diesel and Turbine Tests on the Wasatch Grade in the Early 1950s (page 8)
Contemporary Views Along the First Transcontinental Railroad (page 16)
by Richard Koenig
Union Pacific and the Hancock Long-Bell 3-Chime Whistle (page 26)
     by John E. Bush
When the 8800s Came to the LA&SL (page 32)
by Jeff Asay

Vol. 28  No. 1 – Winter 2014
Editor’s Desk  (page 4)
Traffic & Operations  with Mark Amfahr: Freight Traffic in Eastern Kansas in the 1950s (page 6)
The Ocean-Series Sleepers (page 16)
     by David Seidel  
Behind the Throttle of an 800 (page 28)
     The Recollections of Jack Haley
800s in Nebraska Division Freight Service (page 30)
     As Photographed by Lou Schmitz
Big Boy as a News Story (page 34)
     by Marc A. Entze and James L. Ehernberger

Vol. 27  No. 4 – Fall 2013
Editor’s Desk  (page 4)
Union Pacific’s Big Boy Comes Home (page 6)
     by Gordon McCulloh
Big Boy vs Big Blow (page 20)
     by Marc A. Entze and James L. Ehernberger
Topeka, KS: An Overview (page 22)
     by Jeff Aley
Topeka 2013 Convention Highlights (page 24)
Transformed by Merger: Union Pacific’s McPherson Branch, Part 2 (page 26)
     by Thos. R. Lee

Vol. 27  No. 3 – Summer 2013
Editor’s Desk (page 4)
RPO (page 6)
Traffic & Operations with Mark Amfahr: North Platte Yard in the 1950s: Westbound Traffic (page 8)
Marengo, Washington: Forgotten Junction of the Union Pacific and Milwaukee Road  (page 18)
     by Marc Entze
Transformed by Merger: Union Pacific’s McPherson Branch (page 30)
     by Thos. R. Lee

Vol. 27 No.2 – Spring 2013
Editor’s Desk (page 4)
Traffic & Operations with Mark Amfahr:  North Platte Yard in the 1950s: EastBound Traffic (page 6)
Working for the Chicago & North Western-Union Pacific Department of Tours, 1954-55 (page 14)
by George W. McKinney
The National Parks Special (page 32)
by Thornton Waite
RPO (page 38)

Vol. 27 No.1 – Winter 2013
Editors Desk (page 4)
Traffic & Operations with Mark Amfahr: Steam Locomotive Tonnage Ratings (page 6)
Cheyenne in 1927: The Photographs of Fred Eidenbenz (page 13)
by Scott Lothes
The Laramie Snow Plow: A Brief History (page 18)
by Larry Ostresh
Union Pacific Wedge Plows: A Brief History (page 26)
by Marc A. Entze and James L. Ehernberger
Richard Steinheimer Visits the Idaho Northern (page 34)
by Marc A. Entze
Union Pacific Documents (page 38)
From the UPHS Company Store (page 39)

Vol. 26 No.4 – Fall 2012
Editors Desk (page 4)
Traffic & Operations with Mark Amfahr: Analyzing Steam Era Freight Conductor’s Train Books (page 6)
Robert Strahorn: The Spokane Sphix and the Union Pacific’s Secret Railroad (page 12)
by Philip F. Beach
Notable Structures on the Spokane-Ayer Cut-off, reprinted from Railway Age Gazette, 1915 (page 36)
New UPHS Products (page 28)

Vol. 26 No. 3 – Summer 2012
Editors Desk (page 3)
From the Business Car (page 5)
by Larry Tiffany
Fresh from the West: PFE in the 1970s, Part 2 (page 10)
by Rob Leachman
Notes from a Conductor’s Trainbook, 1974 (page 30)
by Rob Leachman
Experiences of an Oregon Division Passenger conductor During WWII from Le Vern Drapper, told to Larry Fink (page 34)
New UPHS Products (page 28)

Vol. 26 No. 2 – Spring 2012
Editors Desk (page 3)
From the Business Car (page 4)
by Larry Hochhalter
Fresh from the West: PFE in the 1970s, Part 1 (page 6)
by Rob Leachman
Reflections on Railroad Photography (page 22)
by Scott Lothes
Arthur E. Stensvad (page 24)
by James L. Ehernberger
Allen W. Madison (page 28)
by Richard L Schmeling
Harold W. Matthews (page 32)
by A. J. Wolff
Francis G. Gschwind (page 35)
by James L. Ehernberger

Vol.26 No. 1 – Winter 2012
Editor’s Desk (page 4)
The UP Calendar & I (page 6)
by John Bromley
Taming Touhy Hill  (page 14)
by R. L. Smelling
Advertures on Touhy Hill The Recollections of Jack Haley (page 28)
Aerial Study of East Yard, Los Angels (page 30)
by Jeff Asay

Vol. 25 No. 4 – Fall 2011
From The Business Car (page 5)
by Larry Hochhalter
Portland’s Export Grain Elevators and the Union Pacific (page 6)
by Scott Lothes
Boxcar Days in Portland (page 20)
by Barney Blalock
A Day on the Wyoming Division: March 27, 1949 (page 22)
by Mark Amfahr
Milepost 28: Valley, Nebraska (page 36)
by Jack Haley

Vol. 25 No. 3 – Summer 2011
Rawlings, Wyoming Coal Chute (page 6)
by Robert Odland
Union Pacific 5040 – Another Unique 2-10-2 (page 22)
by Richard L. Schmeling
Union Pacific’s Grace Branch (page 29)
by Thornton Waite

Vol. 25 No.2 – Spring 2011
Last Call for the 3900s (page 5)
by A. J. Wolff
3700-Class for the 3900s (page 20)
by Jim Ehernberger
Green River Depot (page 28)
by Michael Borkon

Vol. 25 No. 1 – Winter 2011
Union Pacific Business Cars The Lightweight Era 1952-1990 (page 6)
by David A. Seidel
Wedge Plow UP 900000 (page 29)
by Thornton Waite
Club Car Hollywood LA-703 (page 34)
by Jeff Cauthen

Vol. 24 No. 4 – Fall 2010
Bosie Convention Highlights (page 6)
The Nyssa, Oregon, Depot (page 9)
by John R. Signor
Down to the Sea in Chips (page 14)
by Rob Leachman
Tangent Scale Models HO Scale Union Pacific Quad Hoppers (page 36)
by Dick Harley

Vol.24 No.3 – Summer 2010
The City of Las Vegas (page 7)
by Jeff S. Asay
Union Pacific’s B-17: The Rest of the Story (page 21)
by Don Strack
UP-C&NW Run-through Freight Operations Part 2: The Later Years 1984-1995 (page 23)
by Chris Faulk, Rob Leachman, and Andy Kirol

Vol.24 No.2 – Spring 2010
UP Trackside (page 2)
by George R. Cockle
The Idaho Northern Branch (page 7)
by Thornton Waite
Modeling the Experimental Propane Gas Turbine Research Project (page 11)
by Steve Orth
UP-C&NW Run-through Freight Operations Part 1: The Early Years 1960-1983
by Chris Faulk, Rob Leachman, and Andy Kirol

Vol.24 No.1 – Winter 2010
Unit Coal Train Equipment of the 1970s (page 2)
by Daniel E. Seward
The Columbine (page 5)
by Daniel E. Seward
Hanna, Wyoming (page 17)
by John R. Signor

Vol.23 No.4 – Fall 2009
Upgrading Athern’s Standard Turbine (page 7)
by Steve Orth
Modeling the “Harriman” US&S Style B Lower Quadrant Semaphore (page 12)
by Tom Green
Adding Authentic Sound to Athern’s UP Standard Turbine (page 27)
by Bob Benson
UPHS Cheyenne Convention Highlights (page 29)
The Hugo Roundhouse (page 34)
by Randall Coffman
UP S-40-6 Stock Car Kit (page 35)
by Richard Hendrickson

Vol.23 No.3 – Summer 2009
The U50C (page 6)
by George R. Cockle
The Butte Special (page 17)
by Thornton Waite
Just Another SD40 (page 32)
by Bob McKeen
Thirty Nights on 4-8-4s (page 33)
by Bill Kratville

Vol.23 No.2 – Spring 2009
Gering, Nebraska: North Platte Valley Operations Hub (page 7)
by James L. Ehernberger and Bob Krieger
North Platte Branch and Cut-off Operations October 18, 1957 (page 20)
by James L. Ehernberger
Anatomy of a Stock Special (page 28)
by Dick Harley
Union Pacific RR Stock Car Fleet 1938-1971 (page 32)
by Dick Harley

Vol.23 No.1 – Winter 2009
Union Pacific Wood Parlor Cars (page 6)
by Jeff Cauthen
US Steel Atlntic City-Geneva Ore Trains (page 8)
by John R. Signor
Pacific Limited – The Long Distance Local (page 14)
by Michael Borkon and Aurthur B. Riordan
Cecil B. Demille’s Union Pacific (page 25)
by Thornton Waite

Vol. 22 No.4 – Fall 2008
Run-Through Freight Train Operation and Early Power Pooling 1960-1988 (page 7)
by Patrick Vana with Mark Amfahr
UP FEF-2 -3 Modifications Part 2 – Upgrading the Athern Genesis FEF (page 19)
by Steve Orth
Union Pacific Orange Box Cars (page 28)
by Dick Harley
Union Pacific Rolling Stock Data Sheet (page 39)

Vol. 22 No.3 – Summer 2008
Union Pacific FEF-2 -3 Modifications Part 1 (page 6)
by Steve Orth
Union Pacific Mainline Passenger Service 1921-1971 (page 20)
by Compiled by Dave Seidel
The Tender Behind (page 22)
by Gordon McCulloh & James L. Ehernberger

Vol.22 No.2 – Spring 2008
A Guide to Union Pacific Diesel Locomotive Painting and Lettering Part Two: 1980-Present (page 5)
by Don Strack and & Dick Harley
Union Pacific Jawhawk Town: Lawrence Kansas (page 13)
by Richard L. Schmeling and Ralph W. Hayden
Produce Railexpress (page 29)
by Jon Lee
Lane Cut-Off Update (page 32)
by Chris Faulk

Vol.22 No.1 – Winter 2008
A Guide to UP Diesel Loco Paint & Lettering 1934-80 (page 5)
by Don Strack
A Guide to UP Diesel Loco Paint & Lettering 1934-80 (page 6)
by Dick Harley
Camas Prairie, A Joint Operation – UP & NP (page 22)
by Thornton Waite
Chasing a UP Rotary in Kansas (page 38)
by Marvin Bush

Volume: 21 Issue: 4

Chicago Convention Highlights
by Ken Olsen (page 6)
Growing up with the UP in Manhattan
by Thomas R. Lee (page 11)
Holiday Mail Operations 1959
by compiled by Dave Seidel (page 34)

Volume: 21 Issue: 3

Union Pacific’s Parade Train
by Don Strack (page 6)
The Lane Cut-off
by William Kratville (page 14)

Volume: 21 Issue: 2

Union Pacific Streamliners in Chicago
(page 6)

Volume: 21 Issue: 1

Union Pacific’s DDA40X Centennial Locos
by Don Strack (page 8)
Diesel fuel car U.P. 03192
(page 24)
Diesel Fuel Oil car U.P. 03192
(page 24)
Diesel fuel car U.P. 03192
(page 24)
The Wye at Sherman
by Bill Kratville (page 25)
Union Pacific’s Ohio Locomotive Cranes
by Larry Wobith (page 27)
Locomotive cranes Ohio
(page 27)
Wyoming, Wyoming-High Plains Section
by A.J. Wolff (page 32)

Volume: 20 Issue: 4

Southern Idaho Gallery
by Thornton Waite (page 13)
Wreck of the Transcon
by Jeff S. Assay (page 22)
Five Hours on Sherman Hill
by Dick Kindig & Jim Ehernberger (page 31)

Volume: 20 Issue: 3

Cheyenne Diesel and Turbine Facilities
by A.J. Wolff (page 8)
Plan 8902 14X32 Telegraph Stations
by Ehernberger & Odland (page 23)
Marysville Revised
by Schmeling & Martin (page 29)
Observation car on Gold Coast Limited
(page 38)

Volume: 20 Issue: 2

Council Bluffs A Union Pacific Town
by John R. Signor (page 6)
The Big Switch to the Milwaukee Road
by Signor, Seidel, Root (page 33)
A Legend is Reborn
by Mike Connor (page 38)

Volume: 20 Issue: 1

Hobart Tower – Finished with Levers
by Jeff S. Asay (page 7)
Union Pacific and Scotchlite
by Dick Harley & Don Strack (page 20)

Volume: 19 Issue: 4

From the Business Car: Steve Watrous
(page 4)
Sidney, Nebraska, The Way It Was
by A.J. Wolff (page 6)
Aspen & Altamont Tunnels
by John Signor et al (page 24)
Union Pacific’s New Yellow Stripe
by Don Strack (page 29)
UP Trackside – Heritage units unveiled, George Cockle
(page 39)

Volume: 19 Issue: 3

UP Trackside Movement of 6000 & 4023
by George Cockle (page 4)
UP’s Tintic Subdivision
by Don Strack (page 6)
H-70-1 Marklin hopper conversion to NMRA Standards.
(page 33)
Converting Marklin H-70 hoppers to NMRA standards
(page 33)
UP Motor Freight
(page 36)

Volume: 19 Issue: 2

UP Trackside
by George R. Cockle (page 5)
The Life and Times of the Dent
by Daniel E. Seward (page 6)
A La Salle Chronology
by Daniel E. Seward (page 23)
Cab Signals
by Andy Kirol (page 34)

Volume: 19 Issue: 1

Wyoming Snow Sheds
by Jim Ehrenberger (page 8)

Volume: 18 Issue: 4

The Forty Niner
by Dave Siedel (page 7)
The Photography of Jim Ady
(page 21)
Rule 19
by Dick Harley (page 25)

Volume: 18 Issue: 3

Spokane International Railway
by Clive Carter & Thornton Waite (page 6)
Union Pacific’s Whirlybirds
by Jim Booth Jr. (page 24)
Union Pacific’s Whirlybird’s (Booth)
(page 24)
Union Pacific Boiler Cars B-1 & B-2
(page 33)
Union Pacific Boiler Cars B-1 and B-2
(page 33)
World Bankers Special
by Henry Griffiths (page 37)

Volume: 18 Issue: 2

Union Pacific Railroad Museum
by Brenda Mainwairing (page 5)
UP 618 A Moving Story
by Stan Jennings (page 8)
An Afternoon at Wahsatch
by James Ehernberger (page 12)
Twilight of Steam – Ogden, 1958
by James Ehernberger (page 22)
Farewell to Steam – Ogden, June 1959
by James Ehernberger (page 26)
UP Builds 95-mile Idaho-Nevada Line
(page 30)
CSA Early Challenger Type Locomotives
by Bob Darwin (page 32)
UP Trackside –New 64’ reefers
by George Cockle (page 39)

Volume: 18 Issue: 1

Laramie Locomotive Facilities
by A.J. “Jack” Wolff (page 8)
Laramie Turntable, Replacing in 1941
by James Ehernberger (page 14)
Laramie Roundhouse Drawings
by Robert Odland (page 25)
A Brief History of Fox Park
by Dave Seidel (page 32)

Volume: 17 Issue: 4

Train of Tomorrow
by Lowell Turner (page 4)
Union Pacific Stages
by Warren Miller (page 5)
Weber & Echo Canyons
by Lloyd Stagner (page 5)
UPHS 19th Annual Meet A Success
(page 6)
Modified CSA Tenders
by Robert Darwin (page 8)
Combination Baggage-Passenger Cars
by Clive Carter (page 12)
A Far Engineering Cry- McKeen Motor Cars
by Floyd Schultz (page 24)
Sheep Loading on OSL Wood River Branch
by Mike Mitchell (page 30)

Volume: 17 Issue: 3

Train of Tomorrow
by Paul McDonald (page 4)
Imperial Bird
by Rolland Graham (page 4)
East To Wahsatch
by Don Strack (page 7)

Volume: 17 Issue: 2

Cajon Pass Curtain Call
by Chard Walker (page 7)
Borie Tower
by Streamliner Staff (page 14)
Streamliners of the Highways
by Streamliner Staff (page 19)
The Train of Tomorrow
by Bill Kratville & Streamliner Staff (page 30)
C45ACCTE Demos in Nebraska
by G. Binder & G. Cockle (page 40)

Volume: 17 Issue: 1

General Motors’ Aerotrain
by Bill Kratville & staff (page 9)
UP B-50-24 and B-50-27 Steel Box Cars
by Richard Hendrickson (page 32)

Volume: 16 Issue: 4

UP-Utah Transit Authority agreement
(page 4)
Hastings relocation- update
by Alfred Holck (page 5)
Work Equipment – Addenda
by R. Lamar Scheuerman (page 5)
Heading For the Last Roundup
by Jon Lee (page 7)
Coal-burning Gas Turbine-Electric Loco
by Thos. R. Lee (page 12)
Cache Junction, Utah in the 1940s
by Don Strack (page 35)

Volume: 16 Issue: 3

UP Wreck Trains
by Thornton Waite (page 11)
All The Comforts of Home
(page 19)
Riverside CA in The 1940s
by Jim Keith (page 24)

Volume: 16 Issue: 2

From the Business Car: Steve Watrous
(page 4)
LRC technology
(page 5)
Grand Island Timeline
(page 6)
Grand Island after the War
by James Ehernberger (page 10)
The Hastings Relocation Project
by Donald Park II (page 28)
Union Pacific 6000 HP Locomotives Pt 1
by Don Zimmerman (page 31)

Volume: 16 Issue: 1

UP donation to society
(page 6)
Express reefer update
by Steve Orth (page 6)
Green River update – turntable
by Mike Borkin (page 6)
UPHS archive program update
(page 8)
UP steam in Service 10/56 – 7/59
by Lloyd Stagner (page 14)
Common Standard Freight Cars Pt. 3
by Ed Workman (page 23)
UP-Served Pocket-sized Grain Terminal
by John Signor (page 31)

Volume: 15 Issue: 4

Portland Convention report
(page 4)
From the Business Car: Steve Watrous
(page 5)
Business cars (ex-SP) Sunset & Stanford – 5/2001
(page 7)
Green River- October 1956
by Michael Borkon (page 8)
A New Look for UP’s SD70Ms
by Gerald Holton (page 30)
Helper Service in Blue Mts.
by Ed Spaulding (page 31)

Volume: 15 Issue: 3

Portland Rose
by Larry Hochhalter (page 5)
Kitbash UP 40’ express cars
by Gary Binder & Steve Orth (page 33)

Vol.15 No.2 – Spring 2001
From Echo to Park City (page 7)
by Don Strack
Working the Park City local (page 24)
by Andy Kirol
Schedule 22 9/1/70 Perishables & Manifest – archives (page 31)
Troutdale: Portland UP Hot Spot (page 36)

Vol.15 No.1 – Winter 2001
Union Pacific’s Fairbanks-Morse Erie-builts (page 6)
by Don Strack
Modeling HO Scale Streamliners On a Budget (page 17)
by Steve Orth
Scratchbuilding a Streamliner Car (page 22)
Union Pacific Hub-And-Spoke Train Operations in Eastern Washington (page 28)
by Thornton Waite and The Streamliner staff

Volume: 14 Issue: 4

Cheyenne convention report
(page 7)
UP Engine houses
by Clive S. Carter (page 9)
Shop Goats
by Jim Ehernberger (page 22)
UP Ops
by Thornton Waite (page 30)

Volume: 14 Issue: 3

A Day in June 1942
by Lloyd Stagner (page 7)
Fighting War on The Home Front
(page 18)
Ames Monument
by Thornton Waite (page 24)
Union Station Memories
by Lou Schmitz (page 26)
Factory to Front Line
by Richard Hendrickson (page 33)
Denver Steam Ops in 1945
by Dean Dickerhoof (page 36)

Volume: 14 Issue: 2

SW10 locos-new career south of border
(page 7)
North Platte cut-off
by Bob Krieger & James Ehernberger (page 8)
Working the Sugar Beet tramps
by Arthur Stensvad (page 23)
Quick guide to UP caboose trucks
by Gary Binder (page 29)
Quick Guide to Caboose Trucks, Gary Binder
(page 29)
Controlled points from UP Archives
(page 33)

Volume: 14 Issue: 1

Pintsch Gas Lighting of UP pass cars
by Clive Carter (page 10)
Modeling UP SD24 & SD24B
by Steve Orth (page 15)
UP Horse-baggage-auto cars
by Streamliner staff (page 28)
UP’s Horse-Baggage-Automobile Cars
(page 28)
Ore car 26676
by Thornton Waite (page 37)

Volume: 13 Issue: 4

Kansas City Convention report
(page 6)
Omaha’s Union Stations
by Lou Schmitz (page 8)
City of St. Louis
by John Signor & Art Riordan (page 24)

Volume: 13 Issue: 3

Zig-Zag in Echo Canyon
by Stephen L. Carr (page 6)
Crucero- UP Desert Outpost
by Jeff Asay & Jim Ady (page 11)
Kansas City Transfer Cabooses
by Art Riordan (page 26)
UP’s LNG Switchers
by Dave Crammer & Carl Lathrop (page 28)
Bridge 379
by Thornton Waite (page 35)

Volume: 13 Issue: 2

Metcalfe, Terry Memoriam
(page 4)
John Carroll Memorium
(page 4)
R-110-21 class reefer
(page 5)
Fuel Tenders – answer to better delivery
by James Booth (page 7)
by Thornton Waite (page 11)
Apprentice Fireman
by Eldridge Huffman to Larry Fink (page 24)
Kansas City in 1960s
by Streamliner staff (page 28)

Volume: 13 Issue: 1

The Titans of Winter
by Robert Krieger (page 9)
200T Fairbanks Morse coaling tower
by Robert Odlund (page 22)
Action at Tower C photos of Harold Ranks
by A.J. Wolff (page 28)

Volume: 12 Issue: 4

The Hinkle Story a developing terminal
by Lou Schmitz (page 7)
The Blizzard of 1949
by Robert Krieger (page 22)
UP’s Baldwin AS-616s
by Don Strack (page 35)

Volume: 12 Issue: 3

Salt Lake Shops – update
by Les Clark (page 4)
UP Electrification Project
by Ronald Schlichter (page 7)
UP’s Shirt-tail So. CA Electrification
by Larson & Signor (page 15)
Cedar City Branch & Utah Parks Co.
by Thornton Waite (page 17)
Gilbert Underwood-Architect for UP
by Thornton Waite (page 33)

Volume: 12 Issue: 2

Salt Lake City Diesel Shop
by Don Strack (page 6)
UP F-50-11 Class Flat Cars
by Richard Hendrickson (page 18)
RPO on The UP
by Kenton H. Forrest (page 23)

Volume: 12 Issue: 1

Jack Wolff: Photographing the UP
by Steve Simmons (page 4)
Common Standard Freight Cars Pt. 2
by Ed Workman (page 9)

Volume: 11 Issue: 4

Pocatello Wood Preserving Works
by Thornton Waite (page 4)
Common Standard Freight Cars Pt. 1
by Ed Workman (page 18)

Volume: 11 Issue: 3

UP’s New Tunnel Motors
by Steve Simmons (page 4)
Santa Fe Type On The Union Pacific 1917-1957
by Lloyd Stagner (page 6)
UP’s Roseville, CA Yard
by Steve Simmons (page 26)
Modeling UP F-50-15 Piggy Back flat
by James T. Booth (page 33)

Volume: 11 Issue: 2

UP Dash 8 Locomotives
by Don Strack (page 4)
M1920 14-inch railway Gun
by Ron Schlichter (page 16)
Backward GPs UP’s Original GP7s
by Kreiger & Simmons (page 26)
Modeling a UP GP7
by Steve Simmons & Lee Yeager (page 32)
C30-7 Atlas Model
(page 39)

Volume: 11 Issue: 1

Western Heritage Museum
by Steve Simmons (page 4)
Boise: On The Main Line At Last
by Thornton Waite (page 6)
Jenks Shops
by David Crammer (page 16)
Two new Plastic CA-3s
by Steve Simmons (page 33)
Union Pacific CA-3 cabooses MODEL
(page 33)
Kitbashing Walthers Rural grain Elevator
by Lee Yeager (page 36)
Walthers Rural Grain Elevator MODEL
(page 36)

Volume: 10 Issue: 4

The Lathrop, CA Intermodal facility
by Michelle Cox (page 4)
From Passenger car to dining car
by Thornton Waite (page 10)
UP’s Steam Locomotive Program
by Steve Simmons (page 16)
The Cody Park Railroad Display, Harold Mathews
(page 25)
Detailing UP/Camas Prairie GP38-2s
by Simmons & Yeager (page 33)

Volume: 10 Issue: 3

The Great West Illustrated
by Susan E. Williams (page 4)
UP Tunnels on Transcontinental Route
by Stephen Carr (page 19)
Detailing Laramie switcher (SD7)
by Jim Booth Jr. (page 33)

Volume: 10 Issue: 2

The Steam-Turbine-Electric Story
by Thomas R. Lee (page 4)
E.H. Harriman’s Dream UP + SP
by Don Hofsommer (page 26)
The C36-7
by Michael Borkon (page 32)
Modeler’s Corner–Model Photography
by Steve Simmons (page 39)

Volume: 10 Issue: 1

Vagabond UP Locomotives
by James Ehernberger (page 4)
Anatomy of a Wreck
by Robert Darwin (page 24)
The Challenger – Part 2 – The Equipment
by John Carroll (page 26)

Volume: 9 Issue: 4

The Challenger – Part 1 – The Train
by John Carroll (page 4)
New or Unusual Equip. & Unusual Loads
by Robert Darwin (page 32)

Volume: 9 Issue: 3

Mountain Type Loco on UP 1922-1956
by Lloyd Stagner (page 4)
UP Mountain Type locos – data
(page 6)
Propane Gas Turbine Research Project
by Thomas R. Lee (page 26)

Volume: 9 Issue: 2

The UP’s Mitsui Connection
by David C. Crammer (page 4)
The Experimental SD24M
by Michael Borkin (page 22)
Express Car Update
by James Ehernberger (page 31)
UP’s First Diesel on Move Again
by Lou Schmitz (page 34)
Newest UP switcher takes to the rails
by Don Snoddy (page 36)

Volume: 9 Issue: 1

USRA 0-6-0 Switchers
by John E. Bush (page 4)
USRA 0-6-0 Roster shots
(page 12)
Alco Century 855 Locos
by Ryan Ballard (page 30)
Alco Century 855 Portfolio
(page 33)

Volume: 8 Issue: 4

UP’s new E9 Diesels
by Robert Darwin (page 4)
A summer at Lincoln
by Alfred J.J. Holck (page 10)
Clearance Engineer
by Lou Schmitz (page 19)
Rebuilding UP Boxcars
by Thornton Waite (page 30)
Stockton ’93 convention report
(page 35)

Volume: 8 Issue: 3

Alco PA-1 Locos on the UP
by Gary Binder (page 4)
Alco Pas in Kansas
by Thomas R. Lee (page 19)
Alco PA portfolio
(page 36)
Morgue Shots
by Robert Darwin (page 38)

Volume: 8 Issue: 2

The Canyon Creek Branch to Burke
by Robert Darwin (page 4)

Volume: 8 Issue: 1

Cheyenne ’92 convention highlights
(page 4)
A Morning at Laramie – July 8, 1956
by W.L.McMurtry (page 8)
3 Short Subjects-Pt 1-UP 119
by James Ehernberger (page 18)
3 Short Subjects-Pt 2-loco stenciling
by James Ehernberger (page 18)
3 Short Subjects-Pt 3-ex-Rock plow
by James Ehernberger (page 18)
COLA lettering
(page 37)

Volume: 7 Issue: 4

The Spud Special
by Bill Kratville (page 5)
Cheyenne- ’92 convention & steam capital
(page 18)
Eastern Tour of M-10001
by Bill Kratville (page 24)
UP Passenger Specials-1992
by Don Snoddy (page 38)

Volume: 7 Issue: 3

A Day in The Life of The Pacific Limited
by Richard Kindig (page 4)
Stimson Legend
by Robert Darwin & James Ehernberger (page 8)
Brick & Stone depots of The UP
by Joseph Stimson (page 10)
J.E. Stimson
by Portrait of the West (page 28)
Helpers on OR Division
by Larry Fink & Eldridge Huffman (page 32)
Incident at Lodge Pole
by Donald Park II (page 37)

Volume: 7 Issue: 2

Clearing the Victor Branch
by Glenn Gilbreath (page 4)
Oregon Short Line in Idaho
by Mike Mitchell (page 8)
Western Series passenger cars
by Thornton Waite (page 17)
Joseph Schick collection
by D. W. Dickerhoof (page 32)
Engine Hostling at North Platte
by Arthur E. Stensvad (page 36)

Volume: 7 Issue: 1

UP in Cajon Pass (WWII Era)
by Richard Hendrickson (page 4)

Volume: 6 Issue: 4

Ubiquitous Bullmoose
by Gordon McCulloh (page 3)
The Spring Campaign
by Thornton Waite (page 23)
Union Pacific Depots
by Terry Metcalfe & Robert Odlund (page 28)

Volume: 6 Issue: 3

Engine Tender Plows
by James Ehernberger (page 3)
Continental Divide Railroad Man
by Alice Bronsdon (page 19)
Building the LA&SL Railroad
by Frank Gill (page 22)
“S-40-10 Revisited”, Metcalfe
(page 26)

Volume: 6 Issue: 2

“Fast Forties”– Last of the
by Terry Kolenc & John Rieschl (page 3)
Carbon Wyoming, Ghost Town
by Alice Bronsdon (page 14)
North Platte Canteen
by James Reisdorff (page 17)
Automated railway
by Michael Borkin & George Cockle (page 19)
Denver Commissary
(page 32)

Volume: 6 Issue: 1

G.A.T.C. Airslides
by William Metzger (page 4)
Airslide painting notes
(page 8)
Airslide modeling notes
(page 13)
Spokane International RS1’s
by Art Crecca (page 22)
Idaho Falls Cutoff Bridge
by Thornton Waite (page 31)

Volume: 5 Issue: 4

U.P. Express Boxcars
by D. W. Dickerhoof (page 3)
Art Stensvad Organization & Introduction
by Jim Reisdorff (page 26)
Rail – Truck Service
by Harold Mathews (page 33)

Volume: 5 Issue: 3

The Early Streamliners
by Robert Darwin (page 3)
Little Zip: UP streamlined Express
by R.T. Watson (page 19)
M-10000 Remembered
by Thos. R. Lee (page 35)

Volume: 5 Issue: 2

Union Pacific at Omaha–Construction Years
by Lou Schmitz (page 3)
“Ocean Toads” 1909 Monster Mallets
by Jim Ehernberger (page 12)
Working on UP Lines North of Pocatello
by Woody Bybee (page 24)
Railroad Branch
by Thornton Waite (page 30)
Addendum to “Pacific” series article
by Robert Darwin (page 35)

Volume: 5 Issue: 1

F9’s on the Spokane International
by Art Crecca (page 4)
Dinosaur Bones and the Union Pacific
by Alice Bronsdon (page 8)
by Ernie Peyton (page 12)
Maintenance of Way
by Terry Metcalfe (page 19)
ACF Center Flow Covered Hoppers
by Metzger & Student (page 28)

Volume: 4 Issue: 4

Union Pacific’s “Pacific” series sleepers
by Robert Darwin (page 4)
Hanna Depot
by James Ehernberger (page 18)
The Wood River Branch in Idaho
by Thornton Waite (page 26)

Volume: 4 Issue: 3

Salt Lake City ’88 Convention report
(page 3)
Omaha’s 20’s UP’s GP9 Turbocharge Prog.
by Don Strack (page 4)
“Two-Tone Gray” footnote
(page 23)
Last Trip for the 402
by James Ehernberger (page 26)
A Day With the Work Train
by James Ehernberger (page 29)
Stories From The Yellowstone Branch
by Thornton Waite (page 32)

Volume: 4 Issue: 2

Alco FA/FB’s – Pt. 2
by Gary Binder & Dean Dickerhoof (page 3)
The Overland Route: First Impressions
by Maury Klein (page 16)
Where The East Met The West
by Thornton Waite (page 24)
A Brief History of The UP’s Utah Division
(page 28)
UP Oil cars
by From UP files & CO RR Museum (page 30)

Volume: 4 Issue: 1

Two-Tone Gray
by Lou Schmitz (page 3)
Union Pacific Magazine
by Terry Metcalfe (page 19)
Union Pacific Magazine
by Thornton Waite (page 19)
The Humphrey Ice Harvest
by Thornton Waite (page 21)
The Union Pacific Two-Ten-Two’s
by Gordon McCulloh (page 23)

Volume: 3 Issue: 4

by Ernest S. Peyton (page 4)
Branch Line special Idaho Northern 9/19/41
by H.R. Griffiths (page 9)
Kansas & Nebraska Mixed Train Equipment
by Don Smith (page 13)
LNP&W Abandonment
by James Ehernberger (page 17)
Freight Conductors book
by CO RR Museum (page 39)

Volume: 3 Issue: 3

Alco FA’s
by Gary Binder & Dean Dickerhoof (page 4)
The Gate City – Pocatello, ID
by Thornton Waite (page 16)
Heavy Snow – March 21, 1912
by H.E. Lenander (page 29)
Sandy’s kitchen
by Gordon McCulloh (page 34)

Volume: 3 Issue: 2

UP Common Standard Depots
by Terry Metcalfe (page 4)
UP’s Coal Service Cars
by Don Smith (page 27)
August 15, 1943
by Richard Kindig – told to Terry Metcalfe (page 35)
UP Coal Company
(page 39)

Volume: 3 Issue: 1

251 Territory
by Richard Pennisi (page 4)
Wrecking crane
by paint (page 24)
BF-70-7 Boxcar
by Harry Sherman & Virl Davis (page 27)
Box & Autocar Nomenclature
by Frank Peacock (page 33)
Grand Island Recollections
by Dick Schmeling (page 45)

Volume: 2 Issue: 4

Light Mikes
by Gordon McCulloh (page 4)
Passenger Service at Grand Island
by Dick Schmeling (page 19)
UP 1762 Horse-baggage-auto car
(page 24)
Horse-baggage car
(page 24)
UP/CB&Q pool
(page 28)
Steam loco injectors
(page 28)
Vanderbilt tenders
(page 29)
The Making of a Fireman
by Ernie Peyton (page 34)

Volume: 2 Issue: 3

1950-Streamliner looks at one year on the UP
(page 4)
July 3, 1950
by Ross Grenard (page 27)
Standard Section Houses
(page 32)
Train sheet 1950
(page 38)

Volume: 2 Issue: 2

UP Racehorses E-8 & E-9 Diesels
by Gary Binder (page 4)
Weed Spray Train
by Ross Grenard (page 20)
Grand Island- Change W of Omaha
by Richard Schmeling (page 21)
PFE reefer # 11545
(page 36)
Ortner rapid discharge
(page 37)
Tank car
by water treatment sludge (page 37)
Wrecking crane
by paint (page 37)
Water treatment sludge
(page 37)

Volume: 2 Issue: 1

(page 4)
by William Metzger (page 5)
Western Wyoming at Turn of Century
by Joseph Stimson (page 20)
Union Pacific Magazine
by Thornton Waite (page 23)
S-2 switcher assignments
by D. W Dickerhoof (page 24)
Experimental Boxcars
by Terry Metcalfe (page 25)
UP Ops
by Frank Peacock (page 29)
PS-1 Boxcar
by Terry Metcalfe (page 32)
McKean’s PS-1 boxcar
(page 32)
Experimental boxcar
(page 35)
Dec 31, 1947
by Dick Kindig (page 36)
UP/CB&Q pool
(page 37)
(page 37)

Volume: 1 Issue: 4

Cheyenne ’85 Convention report
by Terry Metcalfe (page 3)
USRA Mikes
by Gordon McCulloh (page 4)
UP FM Erie builts
(page 13)
PS box & autocar lettering
(page 13)
Devil’s Slide
by William Metzger (page 15)
Dec. 22, 1940
by Dick Kindig (page 16)
PFE Painting & Lettering
by Don Smith (page 25)
Eastern Idaho branch line depots
(page 41)
Eastern Idaho Branchline depots
by Thornton Waite (page 41)

Volume: 1 Issue: 3

CA’s, painting
(page 3)
diesel paint
(page 4)
Depots: paint
(page 4)
PFE painting & lettering
(page 4)
Caboose, paint
(page 4)
Box & Auto car lettering 1926-56
by Richard Hendrickson (page 5)
Heavyweight Dining Cars
by Terry Metcalfe (page 26)

Volume: 1 Issue: 2

Basics of Freight Cars-steel box car ends
by frank Peacock (page 5)
CA-1 paint & letter
(page 10)
Steam lettering
(page 10)
Cantilevered Signal Bridges
by Terry Metcalfe (page 12)
Heavy Mikes
by Gordon McCulloh (page 20)

Volume: 1 Issue: 1

Daylight Livestock
by Terry Mecalfe (page 3)
Livestock Dispatch Rolling Stock
by terry Metcalfe (page 5)
Snow Sheds at Rock River
by Terry Metcalfe (page 14)
UP F3s
by Dean Dickerhoof (page 18)