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35_AMOPPM_North_Platte_10_14_73Welcome to the Union Pacific Historical Society! Founded in 1984, 3715-2UPHS is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of the Union Pacific Railroad. As of the beginning of 2016, the Society has about 1,900 members. Historians, railfans, employees, and modelers have found the UPHS to be a matchless source of accurate and in-depth material concerning historical operations, traffic, motive power, rolling stock and facilities of the Union Pacific and predecessor companies. Railroad employees, managers, and retirees are welcome.

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The UPHS publishes The Streamliner, a professionally produced and beautifully illustrated quarterly journal featuring the finest work of historians and other experts on all aspects of Union Pacific Railroad operations, traffic, management, equipment, and facilities.

In addition to our journal, the UPHS publishes books relating Union Pacific’s rich history of traffic, operations, motive power, and rolling stock. Our most recent book is Jeff Asay’s Union Pacific Northwest, tracing the history of UP in Oregon, Washington, and Northern Idaho. We also have published a history of the early streamliner era 1934-1941 as well as a comprehensive series of prototype photo books of UP steam power.

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UPHS-01 UP90114More products: UPHS develops and sells HO scale models of UP equipment not otherwise available. We also have published audio recordings of UP steam power.

Company Store: The on-line UPHS Company Store sells our books about Union Pacific as well as UP-CD Cover Storesubject-matter books published by others, back issues of The Streamliner, audio CDs of UP steam trains in the 1950s, DVDs of UP steam locomotive drawings, HO-scale models of UP rolling stock, and convention and membership pins. Annual memberships also may be purchased in the Company Store. While the Store is open to all, members of UPHS receive discounts on selected products.

Archival Preservation: Through an agreement with the American Heritage Center at the University 303-SK-9548 C fullof Wyoming, the UPHS is archiving a great number of historical Union Pacific Railroad drawings and other resources. The UPHS also is archiving donations of historical photographs and documents contributed by Turbine 18 having just pasted Summit Tower arrives at Omaha, NE. Big Boy 4017 is being towed dead enroute to Green Bay_smallformer employees and fans of the Union Pacific. In particular, we have archived the UP photography of Lou Schmitz, Tom Lee, and Don Ball. In addition, UPHS staff work as volunteers in the Union Pacific Museum in Council Bluffs to catalog UP’s photography collections.


Members at Banquet 05Annual Conventions: Each year UPHS members from all over the world meet in a convention at a location in the modernRob Leachman- Clearfield Mechandise Trains UP-served territory. These conventions feature informative presentations and outstanding photography concerning a wide variety of Union Pacific subjects, tours of UP facilities and railroad museums, modeling and photo contests, auctions of UP memorabilia, as well as camaraderie at receptions and banquets.

We invite you to join the Union Pacific Historical Society. Join with Union Pacific enthusiasts from all over the world by submitting your membership application. Every membership includes four issues of The Streamliner as well as discounts on many of our books and other Company Store products. We offer four types of membership: Youth, Regular, Sustaining and Preservation. Sustaining memberships and Preservation memberships receive The Streamliner via first class mail, In addition, our beautiful Union Pacific Historical Society Calendar is provided exclusively to Sustaining and Preservation members. Click here to learn more about membership categories, or, if you are ready to purchase a membership, you can go directly to the Company Store to make an on-line membership purchase.