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This page provides additional information or details that enhances articles in select issues of The Streamliner.

In the Spring 2020 issue of The Streamliner, Bob Odland provided a brief overview of Union Pacific’s 1942 modifications to the Ogden roundhouse in order to service Big Boys. Select drawings of the roundhouse, sheets 4, 5, 7, and 14 (of 14) are included in the article, below are links to the additional sheets covering the modifications.

Ogden Roundhouse Sheet 1 of 14

Ogden Roundhouse Sheet 2 of 14

Ogden Roundhouse Sheet 3 of 14

Ogden Roundhouse Sheet 6 of 14

Ogden Roundhouse Sheet 8 of 14

Ogden Roundhouse Sheet 9 of 14






Ogden Roundhouse Sheet 10 of 14

Ogden Roundhouse Sheet 11 of 14

Ogden Roundhouse Sheet 12 of 14

Ogden Roundhouse Sheet 13 of 14

















Below are links to Union Pacific’s 1968 motive power assignment sheets to accompany Mark Amfahr’s article “Three Million Horsepower: Managing Union Pacific’s Fleet of Freight Locomotives,” in the Autumn 2019 issue of The Streamliner. No individual pages for the Nebraska Division were found, but all system locomotives were included in pools on the following divisions. Click on the division below to download a PDF of the 1968 assignments:

Oregon Division             Idaho Division            California Division

Wyoming Division          Kansas Division

Below are several recordings of Star Brass whistles that John Bush covers in his article “Union Pacific and the Star Brass 5-Chime Whistle,” in the Autumn 2018 issue of The Streamliner. Click the whistle type below to hear the recordings:

 Early Single Note Hooter – This recording represents the sound which would have been made by the early single note whistles. Blown at 200 psi while fitted to ex-LS&I 2-8-0 No. 18 in Antonito, Colorado, 2010.

Star Brass Long Bell Single Note (freight) – Representative of the sound of the Star 6” diameter “plain” whistle used by UP in freight service.  Recorded by the late Howard Fogg, this is actually a B&O engine, but the diameter and length of the bell is very  close to the Star Brass and thus sounds very similar.

Star Brass 3-Chime (Passenger) – Jim Ehernberger recorded this Star 6” diameter 3-chime when it was still in service fitted to 2-8-0 number 400, circa 1954. One of the very last of these whistles in regular service on Union Pacific.

Star Brass 5-Chime Step Top 1 – Star 5-chime step-top.  Heard from several hundred yards away.  Whistle fitted to ex-LS&I 2-8-0 No. 18 at  Antonito, Colorado, 2010.

Star Brass 5-Chime Step Top 2 – Same whistle, recorded from more than a quarter-mile away, east of Fort Garland, Colorado, blown at 200 psi.  This whistle is believed  to have been last used on UP 2-10-2 number 5020. It is easy to see why these whistles were hard on crews and resulted in the use of shields. Click here to see a close-up photo of the top of this whistle.

Recordings and captions provided by John Bush

Whose Railroad Is It_opening spread





Click here to download tables of train symbols and blocking that Rob Leachman analyzed in his article “Whose Railroad Is It: UP-SP and UP-WP Run-Through Train Operations” in the Summer 2016 issue of The Streamliner. This includes a detailed listing of UP’s symbol freights between North Platte and West Coast terminals and information on how the trains were blocked, for 1974, 1977, and 1982.

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