The Streamliner

The Streamliner is the official publication of the UPHS. Copies are available for individual sale in our store. You will receive four issues with your annual membership in UPHS.

Current Issue: Vol. 28  No. 1  Winter 2014Streamliner 28-1 cover

Editor’s Desk  (page 4)

Traffic & Operations  With Mark Amfahr
Freight Traffic in Eastern Kansas in the 1950s  (page 6)

The Ocean-Series Sleepers
By David Seidel   (page 16)

Behind the Throttle of an 800
The Recollections of Jack Haley (page 28)

800s in Nebraska Division Freight Service
As Photographed by Lou Schmitz (page 30)

Big Boy as a News Story
By Marc A. Entze and James L. Ehernberger (page 34)

Posted February 17, 2014 reb