Engines & Locomotives

  • Motive Power of the Union Pacific;
    Kratville, William & Ranks, Harold E.: ;
    Omaha 1959 Barnhart Press. 300pp B&W photos & illus
  • Union Pacific Prototype Locomotive Photos
    James Ehernberger
    11 x 8.5 horizontal soft cover, 80 pages, 78 photos each, Published by the Union Pacific Historical Society, Click here for more info
  • Volume 1, 0-6-0 Switcher LA&SL 4226 through UP 4430
  • Volume 2, 0-6-0 Switcher UP 4431 through 4480
  • Volume 3, 0-6-0 Switcher UP4600, OSL 4700 through OWR&ampN 4933
  • Volume 4, 4-8-4 Northern UP 800 through 819
  • Volume 5, 4-8-4 Northern UP 820 through 844 (8444)
  • Volume 6, 2-8-8-0 Articulated UP 3600 through 3664; OSL 3700’s & OWR&N 3800’s
  • Volume 7, 2-8-8-0 Articulated UP 3500 through 3533
  • Volume 8, 2-8-8-0 Articulated UP 3524 through 3564; OSL 3565-3566; OWR&N 3567-3569
  • Volume 9, 4-8-2 Mountain UP 7000 through 7019
  • Volume 10, 4-8-2 Mountain UP 7020 through 7039
  • Volume 11, 4-8-2 Mountain LA&SL 7850 through 7864; UP 7865 through 7869
  • Volume 12, 4-6-0 Ten Wheel UP 1242-1354; OSL 1511-1586; LA&SL 1593-1996; OWR&N 1707-1760
  • Volume 13, 2-10-2 Class UP 5000 through 5044
  • Volume 14, 2-10-2 Class UP 5045 through 5089
  • Volume 15, 2-10-2 Class OSL/UP 5300 through 5300 & OWR&N 5400 through 5414
  • Volume 16, 2-10-2 Class UP 5500 through 5524 & LA&SL 5525 through 5529
  • Volume 17, 4-6-2 Pacific UP 2802 through 2911
  • Volume 18, 4-6-2 Pacific OSL 3100-3138; LA&SL 3160-3181; OWR&N 3202-3227
  • Volume 19, 4-12-2 Union Pacific Type UP 9000 through 9029
  • Volume 20, 4-12-2 Union Pacific Type UP 9030 through 9062
  • Volume 21, 4-12-2 Union Pacific Type UP 9078-9087; OSL 9500-9514; OWR&N 9700-9707
  • Volume 22, 2-8-0 Consolidation UP 105 through 275
  • Volume 23, 2-8-0 Consolidation UP 276 through 358
  • Volume 24, 2-8-0 Consolidation UP 400 through 498
  • Volume 25, 2-8-0 Consolidation OSL 510 through 599
  • Volume 26, 2-8-0 Consolidation OSL 600-622; OWR&N 700-768
  • Volume 27, 2-8-0 Consolidation LA&SL 6001-6085; UP 6201-6358; OSL 6537
  • Volume 28, 2-8-2 Mikado (MacAuthur) UP 1900-1949; OSL 2001-2034
  • Volume 29, 2-8-2 Mikado (MacAuthur) OWR&N 2100 through 2171
  • Volume 30, 2-8-2 Mikado (MacAuthur) UP 2201 through 2279
  • Volume 31, 2-8-2 Mikado (MacAuthur) UP 2280-2320; UP 2480-2499 (USRA)
  • Volume 32, 2-8-2 Mikado (MacAuthur) OSL 2504-2532; OSL 2535-2554 (USRA)
  • Volume 33, 2-8-2 Mikado (MacAuthur) OSL 2555-2564; LA&SL 2700-2735 (USRA)
  • Volume 34,UP Shay 59 and 61, UP 4500 4500 0-8-0 Switcher, UP 3570-3598 Simple Articulated 2-8-8-0
  • Volume 35, 4-6-6-4 Challenger UP 3900-3900; UP 3800-3839; UP 3702, 3707 and 3710 Simple Articulated (1936, 1937)
  • Volume 36, 4-6-6-4 Challenger UP 3930-3949 (1944 series) & UP 3950-3969 (1942 series)
  • Volume 37, 4-6-6-4 Challenger UP 3975-3999 (1943 series) & UP 3700-3717 (Oil feul)
  • Volume 38, 4-8-8-4 Big Boy UP 4000 through 4024
  • Big Boy
    W M Kratville
    Kratville Publications; 1972.
  • “Big Boy” Portraits
    John Bush & James Ehernberger
    pictorial roster of 4000 series locomotives. 128 pages
  • Big Guys
    R.P. Olmsted
    Photos & captions of UP’s largest locomotives,both steam and diesel.104 B&W photos
  • Centennials in Action
    George R. Cockle
    Overland Models Inc. June 1980, 88 pages, soft cover, B&W photos
  • Challenger Portraits
    James Ehernberger
    Pictorial roster of all 105 Challenger class locomotives. 128 pages
  • Diesels of the Union Pacific, The Classic Era, Volume I
    Strack, Don
    (Halifax, Pa.: Withers Publishing Co., 1999) 224 pages; 308 black & white photographs; abbreviated bibliography; 14-page 1934-1982 chronology of Union Pacific diesel locomotives; four-page summary of road numbers, with years in service; four-page summary of locomotive model quantities; 40-page history of Union Pacific dieselization; 153-page unit-by-unit roster of Union Pacific diesel and turbine locomotives numbered from 1 to 999. ISBN 1-881411-24-9.
  • Diesels of the Union Pacific, The Classic Era, Volume II
    Strack, Don
    (Halifax, Pa.: Withers Publishing Co., 2005) 176 pages; 257 black & white photographs; 73 color photographs; 12-page summary of Union Pacific diesel locomotive paint schemes and lettering for the 1934-1982 era; abbreviated bibliography; four-page summary of road numbers, with years in service; 129-page unit-by-unit roster of Union Pacific diesel locomotives numbered from 1000 to 903999. (ISBN 1-881411-29-X)
  • Emil Albrecht’s Union Pacific Small Steam Power
    James W. Watson and Hol Wagner Jr.
    1985, Motive Power Services. 112 pages Photos. Small classes from 0-6-0 through 4-8-4 locomotives, 1930s, ’40s and ’50s.
  • Giants of the West
    George Cockle
    UP supper power locos from 4500hp gas turbines to “Centennial” 6600hp DDA40X. B&W 208 pages Overland Press 1981 ISBN 0-916160-12-2
  • High Iron to North Platte
    Arthur E. Stensvad
    1997: 80 pages Covers the last of steam, early diesels, facilities and operations in North Platte 1940-1959.
  • Loyd Stanger’s Union Pacific Steam Safari 1954-1960
    Loyd Stanger
    South Platte Press 2008. Soft Cover. This book features B&W photos of Union Pacific steam locomotives during the final years of steam on the UP system in Kansas, Nebraska & Wyoming. You see steam motive power from Santa Fe, Baltimore & Ohio, Chicago & North Western, Burlington Route, Illinois Central, Canadian National, New York Central, Nickel Plate Road, Norfolk & Western and more.
  • Motive Power of the Union Pacific, Plan Package, 1869-1974
    1975, Kratville Publications, Omaha, Neb. 48 pages Photos and drawings. Units owned as of Dec. 1, 1974.
  • Oregon Short Line Locomotive and Tender Diagrams
    Union Pacific Historical Society
    Union Pacific OSL Locomotive and Tender Diagrams folio booklet number 4253 for the Oregon Short Line motive power on a CD with an Excel index to the drawings and information. The CD has over 90 pages of OSL mechanical drawings and information pages.
  • Power for the Streamliners
    Robert P. Olmsted
    South Platte Press, 48pp, 2008 Soft Cover. In the opinion of many who were witness to the epoch of the streamlined passenger train, the precursor that presented a beautiful first impression of the conveyance in its tow was either the E8 or E9 diesel-electric locomotive. These high-speed machines were constructed by General Motors’ Electro-Motive Division of La Grange, Ill., between 1949 and 1964. Customers included the Union Pacific Railroad, which acquired cab-equipped “A” units and cabless booster “B” units of both models. All E8/E9 units have since been retired from regular revenue passenger service. However, Union Pacific has been in the forefront of corporate history preservation by retaining an active trio of E9s as part of its steam and diesel heritage fleet. The Es now appear across the expanse of the UP system while heading up passenger specials that recreate the company’s “Road of the Streamliners” image. This book is a pictorial celebration of the Union Pacific E8 and E9 diesel locomotive and a re-living of the regal age of streamlined thoroughbreds..
  • Roaring U50’s, Union Pacific’s Twin Diesels
    Rev. Harold Keekley
    1978, George R. Cockle and Associates, Omaha, Neb. ISBN 0-916160-06-8. 80 pages Pictorial with detailed captions of U50C and U50D locomotives.
  • Steam Roster for the Union Pacific System
    Gordon McCulloh
    Published by Smokerise Publications 1988. This book is a comprehensive Union Pacific Steam Locomotive roster with 81 pages of lists and several plates of steam locomotive and tender diagrams.
  • The Challenger Locomotives
    W M Kratville
    Kratville Publications; 1980.
  • The Mighty 800
    W M Kratville
    Kratville Publications
  • The Union Pacific Diesel, Volume One: Dieselization – 1959
    Priest, Dr. Cinthia
    (Kansas City, Mo.: Paired Rail Railroad Publications, Ltd., 1999) 192 pages; 124 black & white photographs; 402 color photographs; four graphic illustrations. ISBN 0-9651896-3-5
  • The Union Pacific Type, Volumes I and II
    William W. Kratville & John E. Bush
    Published by Autoliner, Vol. I contains 288 pages & Vol. II contains 352 pages. These books are an excellent anthology of the development and operation of the Union Pacific type, three cylindered 4-12-2 locomotives that graced the entire Union Pacific System.
  • Three Barrels of Steam
    James E. Boynton
    Gregg Glenwood Publishers, Felton, Ca. Hardbound 160 pages Information on the three cylinder 4-10-2 locomotive UP/LA&SL 8800’s
  • Trackside around Kansas with Lloyd E. Stanger
    Lloyd E. Stanger
    Published by Morning Sun Books Inc. Lloyd Stagner’s name is very familiar in the railroad literary world and his color photography and biographical data is shared with us in this book. First and second generation diesel is captured by Lloyd on Santa Fe, Rock Island, Union Pacific, Missouri Pacific. There’s also a little on CGW, KCS, CB&Q, SLSF and M-K-T.
  • Turbines Westward
    Thomas R. Lee
    Published by Ag Press 1975, 184 pages. An excellent history of the evolution of the turbine electric locomotive on the Union Pacific through text and photos.
  • Union Pacific Across Sherman Hill
    George Drury
    Covers the hard working Big Boys and Challengers. 120 B&W photos, soft cover, Kalmbach
  • Union Pacific Motive Power in Transition 1936-1960
    Lloyd E. Stagner
    1993, South Platte Press, David City, Neb. ISBN 0-942035-24-0. Photos. “Why’s and hows” of motive power policy in the steam-to-diesel transition, from company correspondence
  • Union Pacific Motive Power Review 1968-1977
    F. Hol Wagner Jr. and James W. Watson
    Published by Motive Power Services 1978, 120 pages. This book covers the Union Pacifics diesel fleet through 1977.
  • Union Pacific 1977-1980
    George Cockle
    Published by Overland Models Inc. 1980, 208 pages. This book covers Union Pacific motive power prevalent during the 1970’s.
  • Union Pacific 1990
    George R. Cockle, Paul K. Withers, Don Strack
    1991, Withers Publishing, Halifax, Pa. ISBN 0-9618503-8-8. 224 pages. Detailed and illustrated locomotive roster. 1990 condensed operational service plan, retained passenger equipment listing.
  • Union Pacific 1992 Annual
    Don Strack
    1992, Hyrail Publications, Denver, Colo. ISBN 0-0628699-3-7. 144 pages. Detailed, illustrated roster, plus articles on Wahsatch Crossing by Mark Hemphill, U.P.’s GE Fleet, Western Helpers, UP/WP/MP Merger, Katy Merger, Spinoffs.
  • Union Pacific 1997 Motive Power Annual
    Bill Shippen
    1998, Four Ways West Publications, La Mirada, Calif. 159 pages ISBN 1-885614-18-7. Detailed and illustrated locomotive roster. Articles: UP’s Feather River Route, Col Unloading at Los Angeles Harbor, Union Pacific Invest for the Future with AC, Southern Pacific Repainted Locomotives.
  • UP 1998/1999 Motive Power Annual
    David Curlee
    Four Ways West color and B&W 159 pages
  • Union Pacific 3985
    William E. Botkin, Ronald C. Hill, R.H. Kindig
    1985, Colorado Railroad Museum, Golden, Colo. ISBN 0-918654-36-X. 64 pages Photos. Early photos and coverage of restoration and fan trips to 1985.
  • Union Pacific 8444
    Kindig, R.H.
    Denver. Obenchain Pub. 1978. 64 pages.
  • Union Pacific Diesels in Color, Vol 1: 1934-1959
    Ed Austin
    2003, Morning Sun Books, ISBN 1-582248-111-3 128 pages. The transition from steam to complete dieselization is illustrated in full color in this new hardcover book. From doodlebugs to SD24s, more than 250 vintage views tell the story of UP’s revamp of its motive power.
  • Union Pacific Locomotive Directory 1998
    Don Strack
    1998, Withers Publishing, Halifax, Pa. ISBN 1-881411-16-8. Detailed locomotive roster as of Jan. 1, 1998. 208 pages. Photos.
  • Union Pacific Locomotive Directory 1999
    Don Strack
    1999, Withers Publishing Co., Halifax, Penn., ISBN 1-881411-21-4. Detailed roster of UP’s diesel locomotive fleet as of Jan. 1, 1999, including cross reference listings of former C&NW, SP, SSW, and D&RGW unit numbers to planned UP unit numbers, along with a quantity listing of locomotive model types on UP. 240 pages, 159 photos.
  • Union Pacific Locomotive Directory 2000
    Don Strack
    A unit by unit listing of every unit on the UP roster. Soft Cover
  • Union Pacific Locomotives, Volume 1
    Kratville & Ranks
    1960 Union Pacific locomotives
  • Union Pacific Locomotives, Volume 2
    Kratville & Ranks
    1960, Locomotives of OSL, OWRR&N, LA&SL, SJ&GI, LNP&W
  • Union Pacific Offical Color Photography, Book I
    Robert LeMassena & Robert Yanosey
    1993, Published by Morning Sun Books Inc., Edison, NJ. ISBN 1-878887-25-4. Straight from the UP Museum Archives. This 128 page hardcover book illustrates the very best camera work of UP company photographers. Many of these photos have remained unseen for more than half a century. The railroad’s photographic staff sought unusual scenic locations for remarkable views of the earliest UP “streamliners,” the oldest and newest steam locomotives and the modern look of handsome diesel and gas-turbine cab units.
  • Union Pacific Offical Color Photography, Book II
    Lou Schmitz & Robert Yanosey
    1999, Published by Morning Sun Books Inc., Edison, NJ. ISBN 1-58248-005-2. Also straight from the UP archives comes another two hundred and fifty color portraits of steam, diesel and turbines. This is the concluding volume to the best-selling Book I. 128 pages, hard cover, 250 photos of steam ,diesels, turbines.
  • Union Pacific Power
    Dick Winegar
    Willamette Falls Publications, Beaverton, Ore. 184 pages. Unit-by-unit roster, modifications, dispositions. Historical Roster of Diesel, Turbine and Electric Locomotives, Vol. 1, Diesel Cabs 1934-1962. Vol. 2, Six Axle Hi-Tech Diesels 1986, 1996.
  • Union Pacific Steam in Color. An Eastern District Pictorial
    Lloyd Stragner; Edison
    Morning Side Pub. 1995. 128 pages.
  • Union Pacific Steam In Color
    Lloyd E. Stagner
    This all-color 128-page hardcover book highlights everything from 0-6-0’s to Big Boys on the historic Eastern District of the UP. Steam expert Lloyd Stagner skillfully narrates the story of this steam stronghold from class-to-class taking the reader through over 200 in-service photos in the yards and on the road.
  • Union Pacific Switchers and Slugs
    Don Strack
    1996, Withers Publishing, Halifax, Pa. ISBN 1-881411-11-7. 116 pages. Detailed, illustrated roster and discussion of diesel switching and slug units.
  • Union Pacific Trackside with Emery Gulash
    Emery Gulash
    Published by Morning Sun Books Inc. Master photographer Emery Gulash visited the Overland Route many times during the 22 years following the demise of steam while the UP was searching for the “perfect diesel” combination to handle its fastmoving freight.
  • Union Pacific Trackside with Lou Schmitz
    Lou Schmitz
    Published by Morning Sun Books Inc. The fifth Trackside book exhibits the steam to diesel transition on the Eastern District of the UP through more than 260 vivid color photos. Former UP employee Lou Schmitz was there shooting everything from 4-8-8-4s to F3s to Centennials.
  • Union Pacific’s Turbine Era
    A. J. Wolff
    Withers Publishing. 2001, 224pp.