UPHS Volunteer Coordinator

Job Description for UPHS Volunteer Coordinator:

  • The Primary responsibility of the Volunteer Coordinator will be to encourage UPHS members to volunteer their time and talents.  This will include communicating the Society’s need for volunteers to the general membership, listing opportunities to volunteer, encouraging members to volunteer for various programs and committees, and facilitating the volunteer’s participation.  
  • The Volunteer Coordinator will help members interested in volunteering to find an area suited to their skills, time constraints, location, and interests.  The Volunteer Coordinator will put those volunteers in contact with the appropriate committee chair or board member and follow up to make sure that the member was given an opportunity to contribute.      
  • The Volunteer Coordinator will manage all necessary aspects of volunteer participation in cooperation with the board.
  • The Volunteer Coordinator will work to support the UPHS mission of preserving and disseminating UPRR history.

 Principle Accountabilities Will Include:

 1) Developing a communication plan that uses:

  • The Email list from the Business Manager
  • The UPHS Web Page
  • The Second Section and The Streamliner
  • Personal contact with members at conventions and elsewhere

 2)  Developing and publicizing a list of activities that can use volunteers, including but not limited to:

  • Local events, including promotional events.
  • Society Wide Projects
  • Committee Projects
  • Conventions

 3) Publicize and recognize the work of UPHS volunteers including:

  • Recognition for the volunteers in the Second Section, web site, or other venues.
  • Personal Recognition in the form of thank you letters or acknowledgement at conventions.
  • Printed articles on how volunteers accomplished certain tasks with an emphasis on encouraging other members to follow suite.

 4)  Develop support for volunteers including but not limited to:

  • Printed Guidelines on how to get involved in various UPHS programs, form a convention committee, etc.  
  • Display area design and signage for local events.
  • Literature to distribute.
  • Personal contact and follow up to answer questions and to provide guidance.

 5)  Maintain a list of active volunteers that might be assessed as potential nominees for the UPHS Board or for serving on Convention Teams or other UPHS activities.  

 Term and Requirements:

The Volunteer Coordinator will be appointed by the President of the UPHS.  A majority vote of confirmation by the full board will also be required.  The Volunteer Coordinator will report to the President and will also be accountable to the Board of Directors. 

The Volunteer Coordinator will serve for a term of two years at which time a new Volunteer Coordinator will be appointed.  A member may serve more than one two year term as the Volunteer Coordinator. 

The Volunteer Coordinator will be required to be a UPHS member in good standing, but will not be required to be a member of the Board of Directors. 

Candidates for this position are expected to demonstrate a first hand understanding of UPHS operations.  This might come from serving as a volunteer on a Convention Team, attending UPHS conventions on a fairly regular basis, or serving on a UPHS project such as scanning.

No compensation will be given to the Volunteer Coordinator, but the UPHS will provide reimbursement for some small operational expenses as approved by the full Board of Directors.

Please note that this not a UPHS Board of Directors position and you do not need to be a member of the BOD to hold this position. 

 Please contact UPHS President Larry Tiffany at president@uphs.org if you are interested in applying for this postion.