UPHS Election Committee


To oversee all aspects of the annual UPHS Board of Director’s elections. This is an on-going committee.

Committee Members:

Cate Kratville – Chairperson
Ron Brozanic
John Bush
Mike Connor

Committee Update (August 1, 2013):

The following UPHS Board Member terms expired in 2013:  Greg Garner, Andy Kirol and Steve Watrous.  I was notified after the Mid-term Board Meeting in Cheyenne that Andy Kirol and Steve Watrous would not seek re-election for their seats on the board.  Greg Gardner indicated that he did want to serve another term on the UPHS Board. This meant that we would have two (2) open seats on the UPHS Board of Directors in 2013.

In March of 2013 a Call for Nominations was issued to the UPHS membership with a 30-day minimum for replies. The Call for Nominations resulted in five (5) viable candidates interested in joining the Board.  After further thought, one candidate withdrew their name. We were obligated to hold an election since we had four (4) candidates for three (3) open seats.

The candidates were:

1)      Cate Kratville
2)      Jim Senese
3)      Greg Gardner
4)      Rob Leachman

Voting information and candidate biographies were posted on the UPHS.org website. The “official” ballot and biography information was sent out to all members in good standing with the mailing of The Streamliner Vol. 27 No. 2 along with a self-addressed envelope. It was hoped that the self-addressed envelope would increase voting returns.

Ballots were sent to the UPHS Office in Cheyenne and held until July 8th.  On July 8th all ballots were boxed up and sent to election Chairperson Ron Brozanic.  This year’s count totaled just about 600 valid ballots compared to approximately 350 ballots in the last election.  Ballots were opened and counted by UPHS members Mike Connor, John Bush and Ron Brozanic on July 11th, 2013. Counts were verified and validated.

The winner’s of the 2013 BOD Election are:
1)      Cate Kratville
2)      Rob Leachman
3)      Greg Gardner

Ballots will be kept for inspection by the general membership until one month after the election results are announced. Tabulated election results will be presented to the Board of Directors at the annual meeting. The election results will be formally announced at the annual membership meeting of the Society.

In 2014 the following UPHS Board Members’ terms expire: Ron Brozanic, Marc Entze, Larry Hochhalter and Joe Perz.

Submitted by Ron Brozanic, Former Chairperson UPHS Election Committee

August 1, 2013