UPHS Archive Committee


To save historical drawings, documents and photographic images of  the Union Pacific Railroad for future generations.  This is an on-going committee.

Archive Committee Members (August 1, 2015):

  • Greg Gardner – Chairperson
  • Mark Amfahr
  • John Bush
  • Marc Entze
  • Art Gibson
  • Larry Hochalter
  • Mel Johnson

Having long focused upon The Streamliner magazine and annual convention, UPHS is embarking on a long-term preservation effort. In an historic and important expansion of the mission of the Society, the Board of Directors has created the Archives Committee.

Once the decision to move ahead with an archival effort was made, the Board immediately charged the committee with initiating a relationship with a responsible institution for the joint management, preservation, cataloging and displaying of donated material. From the outset it was well understood that the Society was not in a position to enter into such a potentially major project on its own. Thus, the search has begun for a suitable and willing institutional partner.

With the intention that this be an endeavor of the utmost quality and safety, thereby encouraging the confidence of potential donors, the Society will require a long-term contractual relationship as the core of any institutional agreement. Building upon that basis, the Society will assist the selected institution with cataloging donated material and logistically arranging for ready use as reference. Use of the material by historians will be carefully controlled, on site.

Anyone aware of friends or relatives who own or know of collections of relevant material are very highly encouraged to contact the Society. We will be happy to carry the matter from that point.

As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, UPHS is able to offer donors the ability to make personal income tax adjustments based upon the reasonable value of their donations.

UPHS stands prepared to assist members and non-members wishing to preserve their collections today, or to make secure preparations for the future safe-keeping of collections owned by those who want to hold on to their material for the present.

If you know of anyone with historic materials who has not prepared for the safe future preservation of them, or if you find yourself in this situation, please contact Archives Committee Chairman Greg Gardner by email at archives@uphs.org or by mail at P.O. Box 4006, Cheyenne, WY 82003

There is no new information for members this time.