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UP Shoshone - 2B

October, 2016

More than 150 UPHS members and guests attended our convention in Sacramento. I would like to extend a special thanks to Rob Leachman for organizing the presentations, and George Luchs for helping me run a well-received convention week. At our annual meeting on Saturday, we introduced two new board members, Paul Guercio from Texas and Mark Amfahr from Minnesota. Paul has been the volunteer caretaker of the 4014 in Los Angeles for many years and continues to be involved in the Big Boy’s restoration. Mark Amfahr’s name is very familiar to our members as he has been a regular contributor of articles in The Streamliner and as a presenter at conventions. I welcome both of you to the Board. We also thanked Cate Kratville-Wrinn for her years of service. Jon Lee and Steve Watrous were presented with oil painted portraits as thanks for their many years of service to the Society.

Next year’s convention is in Denver from July 27 to 29. More information will be provided on our web site as our convention committee makes it available.

We are looking at a 2018 convention in the Seattle/Tacoma area as a joint venture with the Milwaukee Road Historical Association and Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association to review the railroads’ joint operations between Seattle and Portland and elsewhere in Washington state.

As previously announced, the 2019 convention will be joint with the Southern Pacific Historical and Technical Society in Ogden, Utah, from May 7-10, to help celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Golden Spike ceremony.

During a review of Society polices and costs, it appears that we need to increase the dues amounts for all our International members. International postage rates have increased substantially in the past few years. International members should be receiving an email with more information shortly. Dues for International members will be increased on January 1, 2017. International members can renew at the current rates for one additional year until January 1, 2017. A general dues increase is not being considered at this time.

The Holiday season is here again. Gift memberships and books from our Company Store make great gifts. Leave a note on the table to recommend filling out your collection of Locomotive Books, our special books and drawing CDs this Holiday season.

Enjoy reading yet another great issue of The Streamliner and thank you for your continued support!

Hilding Larson
President, UPHS


UPDATED: Oct. 19, 2016