News at the Top

Summer issue of The Streamliner available now! – In this issue James L. Ehernberger and Mark Amfahr highlight a unique move involving Big Boys 4014 and 4019 on Sherman Hill in 1958. Chris Faulk continues his coverage of the Gibbon Cut-Off by discussing the changes and operations over the route between 1980 to present (see Vol.32 No. 1 for Chris’ coverage of the GCO in the 1960s-70s). Marc Entze concludes the issue with a then and now look at the once busy terminal at Starbuck, Washington.  [August 21, 2018]




Wyoming PBS Broadcast – On Thursday September 13, 2019 UPHS Board Member John Cazahous will be Program Host for the showing of the video “End of Track” during Pledge Night aired on Wyoming PBS. The video concerns construction of Union Pacific across Wyoming. John will be promoting not only sponsorship of PBS but also membership in UPHS.


uphs-logoNext Convention – Our 2019 Convention will take place May 8-11, 2019, in Ogden, Utah, joint with the Southern Pacific Historical and Technical Society as we celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Union Pacific Railroad! Our block of hotel rooms is already completely booked. More details as they are developed.