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Summer issue of The Streamliner available now! – Cate Kratville-Wrinn provides a review of the Ogden convention that celebrated the 150th anniversary of the driving of the Golden Spike at Promontory, as well as the return of Big Boy 4014 to steam. In addition, Cate also tells the story of both her and her father, well-known UP historian William Kratville, experiences with the 4014. Rob Leachman provides an in-depth history of the ore traffic moving on the Overland Route, its origins, operations, impacts of mergers, and ultimate demise. Available in the company store.

uphs-logoNext Convention – Our 2020 Convention will take place May 13-16, 2020, in Cheyenne, WY at the Red Lion Hotel. The convention is timed to be in conjunction with festivities surrounding Depot Days, Cheyenne Heritage Days, and the Sherman Hill Model Railroad Club’s annual show. More details as they are developed.

Links have been updated under the Resources tab. In particular, a link has been added directing you to the Union Pacific Steam Club, where you can sign up and keep up to date with the steam program and its excursions. [February 27, 2019]